Fyfe Company is committed to providing support to structural engineers at no obligation. These services include design support and project budgeting for the implementation of fiber wrap strengthening solutions. Our exclusive network of strengthening and repair contractors throughout the world are trained and committed to providing the highest quality installations of our Fibrwrap® systems and to following best practices learned from more than 25 years of experience.

Fyfe Company's staff of in-house engineers, material specialists and installation technicians have the combined expertise that comes from over two decades of experience and thousands of completed projects throughout the world. Our engineers and support staff are ready to assist you with information on structural composites for strengthening, repair and rehabilitation at no obligation.

Fibrwrap® System and Other Products Testing

Our Fibrwrap® systems and other products have been tested and proven at hundreds of independent universities and accredited private labs throughout the world. These tests include structural, durability, corrosion, blast mitigation and fire-resistance studies.

Over 500 large-scale structural tests have been performed on the Fibrwrap® systems. In addition to these extensive laboratory tests, the Fibrwrap® systems have performed as designed in major urban earthquakes in Taipei, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Salvador and China.

Environmental durability research, simulating 50 to 100 years of service life, have been conducted on the Fibrwrap® systems and other products.