Fyfe Announces Breakthrough Fireproofing System for FRP

SAN DIEGO, CA, October 29, 2012 –Fyfe Company, a subsidiary of Aegion Corporation (Nasdaq Global Select Market: AEGN), is pleased to announce the release of its newest Underwriter Laboratories, Inc. (UL) listed fire protection system, the Tyfo® CFP System.

The Tyfo® CFP System is a new, specially formulated fire protection system for use with the Tyfo® Fibrwrap® System.  It is one of the lowest profile fireproofing systems available for application over fiber reinforced polymer (FRP).  The thin and environmentally durable application is spray applied and can be installed for up to a 4-hour rating on square and circular columns and beam slab assemblies.

Fire protection for concrete structures is necessary because according to ACI 216 guidelines, the strength of a reinforced concrete member decreases as it is exposed to fire. When FRP is added to strengthen a reinforced concrete member, it is exposed to the same threat of fire. The Tyfo® CFP System insulates the reinforced concrete member and the FRP, providing thermal protection in fire events.

Fyfe recently completed ASTM E119 testing on a round column, square column and two beam slab assemblies. The load applied to all test specimens for the duration of the test was greater than the theoretical capacity of the specimen without Tyfo® Fibrwrap® reinforcing. Results from these tests confirm that the Tyfo® CFP system applied with the Tyfo® Fibrwrap® system provides structural strengthening along with required fire ratings

About Aegion Corporation

Aegion Corporation is a global leader in infrastructure protection, providing proprietary technologies and services to protect against the corrosion of industrial pipelines and for the rehabilitation and strengthening of sewer, water, energy and mining piping systems and buildings, bridges, tunnels and waterfront structures. More information about Aegion can be found on its internet site at www.aegion.com.

About Fyfe Company

Fyfe Company has been a pioneer in adapting FRP composites for use in the construction rehabilitation sector including structural repair and reinforcements for buildings, corrosion wrapping for waterfront structures, seismic bracing for structures, leak protection for large diameter pipelines and blast protection for commercial and government properties.   Fiber reinforced polymer systems use fibers (carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar) in combination with polymer resins to form a composite product.  FRP materials have revolutionized the aerospace, marine, electrical, corrosion-resistance and transportations industries.  FRP composites capitalize on their high strength-to-weight ratio and inherent resistance to weather and the corrosive effects of water, salt air and sea water.  Founder and Chairman, Ed Fyfe, and his companies have received more than 25 United States patents regarding FRP composites and their applications.   More information about Fyfe can be found on its internet site at www.fyfeco.com.

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