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Fyfe Company is the manufacturer of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) systems for strengthening, repair and restoration of masonry, concrete, steel and wooden structures. The Fyfe Company was founded in 1988 with the idea to strengthen deficient bridge columns in California using aerospace materials. Today, Fyfe Co. is recognized around the world as the pioneer of the FRP structural strengthening industry with over 40 patents in the field. In 2011, Fyfe was acquired by Aegion Corporation and today continues to serve various infrastructure markets.

Fyfe manufactures and designs specialized carbon, glass, aramid and hybrid fabrics combined with polymers for use in strengthening projects. The company is committed to providing quality technical support and professional, up- to-date solutions through continuous research and innovation.

Fyfe' engineers offer personalized technical support to help with projects ranging from the feasibility stage to project completion. Engineers, designers and material specialists are available to answer questions about Fyfe Company products and project specific designs at no obligation.

Fyfe also offers project support personnel for contractors to ensure that all phases of construction go smoothly. Project specific estimates are available to ensure the most cost-effective designs. Fyfe Company can also develop design-build teams to ensure the best solutions for each project.

We work extensively with owners to develop turnkey solutions for their structural problems. Information, including a cost benefit analysis to ensure that the owners receive all the information required to make an informed decision on how a project should proceed, is provided on different designs. Project-specific research and development may be performed in conjunction with the owner.

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