water treatment facility renovation

Utah Water Treatment Facility Wall and Roof Diaphragm Strengthening

Several existing buildings at the Utah Water Treatment Facility required a seismic upgrade to address existing deficiencies. In order to achieve the design goal without adding sufficient mass to the structure, the engineers decided to incorporate Tyfo® Fibrwrap® systems.

The Tyfo® BCC system was used to transfer shear forces between the existing double-tee wall and roof sections. The Tyfo® BC system was also used to transfer shear forces at areas that required smaller loads. The Tyfo® SCH-41 system was used to strengthen the shear walls as well as provide collector elements at the roof level. The Tyfo® SEH-51A system was also used to strengthen the roof diaphragms.

Fyfe Company engineers worked directly with the engineer of record to properly specify and detail each of the applications. The various Tyfo® systems were optimized for each design in order to minimize the total cost to the client.

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