water system repair

Fox Metro Water Treatment Clarifier Wall Strengthening

The Fox Metro water treatment plant in Aurora, Illinois was undergoing some major renovations which included work on the clarifiers.

During the inspection of the tank in 2012, several areas were discovered where the reinforcing steel had been compromised. The engineer turned to Fyfe for a design using carbon fiber wrap to restore the capacity of the tank walls. Fyfe was able to quickly perform the design and allow the engineer to issue a change order to the general contractor who was proceeding with construction. In order to help the general contractor stay on schedule, Fibrwrap reacted immediately and installed the carbon fiber wrap on the interior face of the vertical clarifier wall.

The final coat of Tyfo® PWC was applied within 72 hours of the original fiber wrap installation. A major concern of the engineer and owner was the ability of the installation to resist chemical attacks from the clarifier contents. The owner supplied an analysis of the contents which was reviewed by the Fyfe chemist. The conclusion was that the Fyfe products would perform and be a durable and long lasting installation given the chemicals and their concentrations in the clarifier.