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Brown Academy Concrete Repairs

In 2012, Chicago public schools awarded a contract to KR Miller to perform renovations on Brown Academy. The renovations encompassed various upgrades to the school, including concrete repairs on the joist floor system.

Fibrwrap was awarded a subcontract to do the concrete repairs as well as grout and seal all slab cracks in the floor. The work had to be done over the summer months while the school was on summer break.

One of the main challenges of this project were the work area constraints - crews only had 48-inches of height in which to work. In addition, the temperatures in the crawl space were stifling during the summer months.

Fibrwrap performed the demolition and preparation of the repair locations following general industry specifications for concrete repairs. Fibrwrap hired a subcontractor to shotcrete the joists. Since all of the work was overhead, the shotcrete method was the most efficient method to restore the concrete section.

Three hundred linear feet of repairs were successfully completed during summer 2012. Access challenges were solved on the site and the general contractor was happy with the results.