industrial strengthening

Wells Blue Bunny Facility Blast Protection

The main production facility for Wells Blue Bunny Ice Cream was recently rehabilitated to provide added structural strength. Among the many challenges with this project was the main engine room area. It was discovered that because of various chemical and mechanical issues, this area could potentially create explosive, blast situations. There was concern that the concrete masonry walls surrounding the area were not sufficiently designed to handle such a blast load.

The Tyfo® SEH-51A system was applied to the walls to give them the needed strength to resist a blast load. The masonry walls were strengthened approximately 6 times the original flexural capacity. Other wall-to-floor connections included steel kicker-angles, plates and through bolts.

The Tyfo® SEH-51A system was able to provide the required flexural enhancement to the existing walls while increasing the wall stiffness by nearly nine times. On the walls where there were existing ducts, the Tyfo® system was able to be installed because of its versatility and non-intrusive, low-profile profile.

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